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こころぴょんぴょん!/缶ここあ (Pixiv:188411)

こころぴょんぴょん!/缶ここあ (Pixiv:188411)

Everything has been deleted, files, media, posts, rants, everything that once existed on this blog has disappeared aside from a few pages and about 4 images. Basically this is a fresh start and technically a new blog. It’s going to be mostly the same junk with more rants, hence the change of the header to “Graveyard of Unwanted Opinions”.

That said I’m not going to promise daily updates of something I’ll obviously fail at within a week, it’ll probably die at some point too but I’ll at least make an effort of keeping this alive. At least for the first month. The Picture of the Day will come back, more gaming related stuff, probably not much anime. You can also expect my stupid opinion on random issues that come up on twitter, 4chan, news, etc.

Of course I’m always open to comments so feel free to trash this blog as much as you want, Anonymous commenting is enabled now as well so you don’t even need a wordpress account or need to give an email, just spam away. That said you have an IP. Please enjoy daily art and other things you’ll unfortunately end up seeing while browsing through art. For now have some Cocoa.



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Redoing the whole site. Deleting everything. Basically starting from scratch.

(Updated: 19 May, 2014)