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PotD: 28 May, 2014

▼△/黒井くろすけ (Pixiv:9969700)


Artist: 黒井くろすけ
Twitter: @kuroi_47
Site: (@kuroi_47)のプロフィール
Pixiv: 黒井くろすけ/9969700

Usually I’d talk about the art but I think it speaks for itself, that said remind me not to question artists and their choice of profile links. Gave myself a headache by following a chain of links and yeah, next time I’ll just stick to the first link.

I’m still sick, still suffering, still hating the weather. This is why it hasn’t been daily. It’s actually a rather long process finding an image for this and I guess I’ll write about it some time.



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Redoing the whole site. Deleting everything. Basically starting from scratch.

(Updated: 19 May, 2014)