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Fleet Log 04.02.2015

Run expeditions to build resources up toward 36k mark for ammunition and bauxite

Start — Verniy

Countdown to Operation Hailstone:
2 Days Remaining

Materials Log:

Hour Fuel Ammo Steel Bauxite Buckets
0000 EST 50277 40509 33531 32177 201
0030 EST 50444 40529 33731 32197 201
1055 EST 51169 40844 33889 32447 202
1918 EST 51894 41159 34047 32697 203
2145 EST 52208 41751 34937 33248 208
2352 EST 52525 42261 36009 33690 210

0000 — Starting
0030 — End of Operations — Sleep
1055 — Small Update – Work
1918 — Return to Operations
2145 — Update

Expedition 6 was completed during the brief period between the previous day’s closing report and today’s opening. Target for Ammunition and Bauxite has been raised slightly though its unlikely either will be reached.

At 0030 turning in for the night, Expeditions 11, 13, and 38 are being run and will be run once more at wake, however another 8-9 hours will be lost to work, 36k resource mark is generous at best with all the time loss considered.

Night expeditions repeated at 1055 and small update.

Continuing operations, next update will follow at 2100 and closing report will be filed at 2350 with next day operations starting immediately after. Dailies being worked on before the 2100 update.

Expectations raised with results from 2145 update, the 36k Ammo mark may be reached, but it still appears that the bauxite mark would be out of reach. Second daily still needs to be completed and will likely be reflected in the final update and closing report. Overall a rather slow day for updates. News on the existence of enemy sub fleets has raised hopes for Operation Hailstone but it still seems unlikely that the event will be completed with ships at their current levels, mid-event level grinding may be needed in order to achieve a complete victory. Equipment is more than sufficient but the lack of over level 70 non-BB ships is concerning. Still, at least two event missions should be cleared, at least that’s the expectation.

Closing report:
Goal of 36k for ammunition has been met, though the bauxite goal fell about 3k short, it was an expected shortfall. Tomorrow will end early and the day after will be the start of Operation Hailstone. Bucket expectations have been lowered to just under 230 buckets available before the start of the operation. No information is yet available for fleet requirements or whether we will see the return of combined fleet operations. As of this moment all fleets are expected to continue running their current day expeditions with Second fleet possibly being pulled out for later support fleet missions.

Gains were fair and fuel seems to be a nonfactor, the low ammunition count is still concerning but hopefully the 40k target should be more than sufficient for the operation. The initial flagship for Operation Hailstone will be Verniy to scout and will change depending on the need. The hope is to rotate Tone in and raise her through the operation and reach Kai Ni. PvP will be run during Operation Hailstone and the flagship will be Tone unless another ship is in need of leveling.

Today was considered a good day for expeditions and hopefully tomorrow will see equal gains.

Starting Shot:


Closing Shot:



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