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水没 / おきる (Pixiv: 29966)

Personal blog with the rants and art posts. Topics usually related to anime, art, video games and generally anything that may be interesting. Language will always be English with the exception being quotes and special posts. Any personal work/writing may be quoted without permission though proper credits would be greatly appreciated.

Example image to the right. Hovering over most images on this site will provide key information: “Title of the Art/Artist’s Name (Pixiv: Pixiv ID No.)” is the general format for non-PotD images. On information pages the format for images is slightly different in that the key information is provided in the caption while hovering over the image will provide commentary. Finally, PotD images will have Title on hover, artist’s comment (in native language) in caption, and artist information below. Most links will also take you to the pixiv page for the image unless the artist is anonymous in which case the image will be enlarged.


DMV Metro – Maryland local. Anime FGC Player, Gaming Hobbyist, Anime Watcher, General Idiocy. There’s a love of art included as well.


All art is property of their creators and no work posted on this site belongs to me unless explicitly stated. This includes drawn pictures, photographs, videos, screenshots, and music.

Note for Artists

If your work has ever been posted on this site it was most likely done without your permission. Most work is credited and sometimes linked to the original but if for some reason this hasn’t been done you may request that it be taken down. Alternatively you can request that your works be taken down and never posted on this site again. While questions will be asked there is no need to answer them and the work will be removed as quickly as possible. Visit the contact page and choose how you would like to get in contact or simply drop a comment on any post. Language is not a concern, if you are not fluent in English you may send the request in your native language, a translator will be found or Google translate will be used if need be. Apologies for not asking permission ahead of time.

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Redoing the whole site. Deleting everything. Basically starting from scratch.

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